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2022 Term 4 Week 5

Kia ora koutou,

I’m not sure what was in the air last week but it felt like a whirlwind of 5 days and I am choosing to blame the moon! This week has felt a lot more settled which is a bonus as we still have a lot on before term 4 is done. We have loaded up our calendar so it is possible the children are responding to the constant disruption, but we are all doing our best. We strive to provide rich and engaging activities for our tamariki both inside and outside the classroom, but sometimes we tip the scales a bit!

Lurgies…we can no longer call them winter lurgies, but we appear to have some lingering cases of tummy bugs about the school. We have also had our (un)fair share of unwell staff, which all adds up to doing our very best on a daily basis. There are not a lot of relievers around but we always try to book them in as soon as we know a teacher is away. We also share our support staff out across the school – we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have 3 highly capable and dedicated support teachers always willing to pitch in anytime we need them.

It feels like the end of term is hurtling our way super fast! Please keep checking the calendar on the website as we are constantly updating it with information relevant to our tamariki. Not ever event will imvolve your child, but keeping an eye out for what’s going on helps things run smoothly.  

Quick reminder: Teacher Only Day is this Monday.  Staff will be working from home finishing off assessment data entry and working on report writing. 

There is A LOT of great information in today’s newsletter so keep scrolling, 

Noho ora mai,

Kim Gordon, Tumuaki. 




The enviro group planted beans and peas recently which they grew from seed. We are hopeful that they will sprout before the end of term so that we can add them to the Kapata Maanaki. 


Tokomanawa has been planting sunflowers as part of the Crombie Lockwood competition. They have done lots of learning about sunflowers and are enjoying watching them grow.


The vibe in Ngā Kākano is busy and joyful. There is so much happening in Term 4 with Cross Country, Talent Shows, Community Concerts as well as lots of learning, of course! We have had some new friends join us which gives the older children an opportunity to step up into a leadership role and teach our New Entrants all about our PRIDE values. With the warmer weather comes more opportunities to take our learning outside which the tamariki love.

Please return all overdue library books 


16/11 Xavier B,  18/11 Levi, 

22/11 Imogen, 22/11 Charlie W,   

25/11 Libby

Lunch in School

The Ministry provides free healthy lunches daily, you will need to provide morning tea and a water bottle for your child. Please let the office know of any dietary requirements, alternatively, you can opt-out of the Lunch Scheme by contacting the office and then provide your own healthy lunch. 

If you have any second-hand uniform you would like to donate we would greatly appreciate it.

Please drop off at the office. Thank you.

Term Dates 2022

Term One Mon 2nd Feb to Thur 14th April

Term Two Mon 2nd May to Fri 8th July

Term Three Mon 25th July to Fri 30th Sep

Term Four Mon 17th Oct to Thur 15th December (confirmed)

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