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Our Vision:
To create collaborative, connected and active lifelong learners in an innovative community school environment.

Principal's Welcome

I am so proud to be the Tumuaki of this amazing kura. Our school culture is based around our five PRIDE values which encompass Positivity, Respect, Integrity, Determination and Excellence. These compliment the five Te Ao Māori values we hold dear which are: Whanaungatanga, Maanakitanga, Pono, Mana Motuhake and Whakamana. As our committment to authentically valuing our Treaty Partnership grows, so does our understanding of the metaphorical meanings of these five kupu. 

Our tamariki thrive in this environment and this is relative to the connection our school has with Bulls or Te Ara Taumaihi. Our whānau, our community, our Ohakea connections, our mana whenua connections all combine to create the innovative community school that we are. 

The classrooms and grounds are examples of our PRIDE values being enacted. Our incredible Board of Trustees prioritises student learning and we are well resourced to continue to provide high quality learning environments for your child/ren to learn and thrive within.    

If you are interested in visiting with us to see how my message above  translates into walking the talk, please feel free to pop in and see for yourself.  

Ngā mihi nui

Kim Gordon
Tumuaki o Kura Te Arataumaihi.

Tutaeporoporo is caught as a baby shark by TuAriki and taken inland to live in a pool near his home.

Tutaeporoporo is fed and nurtured as a favoured pet by TuAriki. Their bond over time becomes very strong.


Tutaeporoporo grows too big for the pool, and begins to change into a large Taniwha.

A War party comes to the area on a raid, and TuAriki is killed. His body is carried away by the War party.

Tutaeporoporo waits for days but TuAriki does not arrive. He sniffs the air, searching for the scent of TuAriki, & follows the scent along the river.

Tutaeporoporo realises the fate of TuAriki, and takes shelter in a cave along the Whanganui river.

Tutaeporoporo is angry and seeks revenge for the death of TuAriki. He swallows waka and anyone that comes down the river.

The local people are afraid. They call for the help of Te Aokehu to come and slay Tutaeporoporo, to make their river safe again.

Te Aokehu is swallowed by the Taniwha, and uses his famed Sharktooth knives to slay Tutaeporoporo, fighting him from the inside.

The people celebrate, and once again return to travelling along the river.
The cave of Tutaeporoporo is there still.

Our Values

Positivity - Values - Bulls School
Respect - Values - Bulls School
Integrity - Values - Bulls School
Determination - Values - Bulls School
Excellence - Values - Bulls School



Wednesday, June 29

Year 7 and 8 Technology
11:00 am – 1:00 pm

Monday, July 4

Week 10
All Day

Tuesday, July 5

Te Pae Tamariki on stage 11.50-12.10
9:00 am – 2:30 pm

Wednesday, July 6

Year 7 and 8 Technology
11:00 am – 1:00 pm

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