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Board of Trustees

E hara taku toa i te toa takitahi, he toa takitini

My strength is not as an individual but as a collective

Bulls School Board of Trustees

Chairperson: Martin Krieger

BoT Members: Dave Snowdon, Jen Ross, Bridget Hammond, Hine Rokosuka

Principal: Kim Gordon

Staff Rep: Megan Syme

Minutes Secretary: Di Jensen

  • Our tamariki lie at the very heart of every decision we make as a team. 
  • BoT members both past and present have consistently contributed to the growth of our kura.
  • There are the obvious roles we play that are visible and tangible for example building projects. Most recent projects include:
    • Aluminum windows and doors fitted on the field side of the junior hub to allow for better airflow.
    • Senior toilet upgrade which includes the addition of a non-gender specific, easy access toilet and shower.
    • A new concrete padded and rubber-coated and fenced court area.
    • Now that all of the classroom teaching hubs or spaces are complete we utilise them as flexible learning environments such as:  
      • Large singing groups
      • Groups divided into literacy and mathematics
      • Groups of play-based learners and small group teaching hubs
      • IT groups/Jump Jam lessons/Sports rotations.
      • We use the word ‘flexible’ to describe our learning hubs because that is what they are. 
      • Being able to meet the needs of our students, create student-centered learning spaces, and develop personalised learning programmes within those spaces is a game-changer for our tamariki.
  • Being future-focused means we are sometimes seen as a kura that does things differently, but we have done the research and we have consulted with the most important players in the game, our tamariki, so we are confident we are on the right track.
  • Speaking of consultation, we pride ourselves on continuously developing our communication systems to be more inclusive of whānau voice. Whānau are very welcome and regularly contribute to the direction of our school – we constantly seek to increase that engagement.



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