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Newsletter Term 3 Week 2

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2022 Term 3 Week 2

Kia ora koutou katoa,


Term 3 is upon us. Winter weather is upon us. Unfortunately, a number of winter illnesses and the second wave of Covid also appear to be with us.

We have had informal notifications of Covid within whānau (all isolating as per Ministry of Health expectations), notification of chicken pox, winter coughs, colds, flu, bouts of vomiting and incidents of diarrhoea.

Schools are places large groups of young people come together, our focus remains on keeping the spaces well ventilated, regularly sanitising not only hands but also classroom surfaces, mask-wearing (highly recommended from Year 4 up and expected with all adult-adult interactions) and keeping records about reasons for students being away.

We are doing our utmost to keep the school running as smoothly as possible. We are aiming for the least disruption and doing our best to stay healthy so that our school can continue to function across all hubs.

Our reality is like yours, illness gets us and our whānau no matter how hard we try and then we do our best to manage the fallout of that.


As the housing development across from our school comes to an end we now have many more driveways and very high fences to contend with.

Please if your children walk or bike to school spend time practising ‘listening’ and ‘looking’ out for cars, and paying close attention to driveways.

Some of the fences that have been built are very tall which means the cars coming out of them will not be able to see our tamariki.


This is coming up soon and we are very excited about the fundraising opportunities this presents for our school. Of course, our students who get to compete will also be getting excited.

On Friday our BSSG group met to go over some more details. We are super excited to be the first school to offer tee shirts for sale for this event and the schools in our Cluster will be offered them first before I put them out to the wider community. There will be a limited number available so if you think you might be interested you will need to get in quickly. Watch this space. 

Ways you can help with this major fundraiser are:

  • Putting your name forward to assist with course marshalling on the day (done in rotations, so you don’t get stuck there all day)
  • Staying behind afterwards to assist with packing up
  • Extra people power on the BBQs or in the catering shed
  • Baking – if you can’t be at the event perhaps you could provide some baking which we could portion out to sell on the day?

Don’t forget we have a teacher-only day this term, Monday 5th September.  Staff will be involved in onsite training, please remember to make arrangements – I know this can sneak up on you sometimes.  

Lots going on we have a busy term ahead team, 

Ngå mihi nui

Kim Gordon

Nominations for the Board of Trustees close at 4pm today

This week our KIND KID is: Hunter  


A wet start to the term, but this has also been a blessing as we share what makes us happy and grateful in our Hub. When it is not raining we are making the most of getting outside and playing some games that support our hauora. Whaea Sarah is doing some amazing activities to support our tamariki with Literacy and Numeracy. Our extension writing group, today, were put to the challenge “When I am 40 I will be….” some interesting responses that will be posted on Seesaw 🙂


The Enviro team have been busy learning about how to make and look after our worm farm this term. They also harvested plants from our school garden for the worms to eat and have begun preparing the garden boxes for planting.




Tokomanawa has had a great start to term 2. Check out the work we have done so far this term on our classroom seesaw page to see some of their work.

Ngā Kākano

Welcome to Ngā Kākano Whaea Sarah! It is lovely to have you join us for the rest of the year. It is great to have all our cherubs back with us, refreshed and revitalised after their break. It has been a very soggy start to the term so a spare change of clothes in bags is greatly appreciated (including underwear please!). We have lots of exciting things planned and we are looking forward to making the most of all the fabulous learning opportunities that are on offer. Watch this space!


Lunch in School

The Ministry provides free healthy lunches daily, you will need to provide morning tea and a water bottle for your child. Please let the office know of any dietary requirements, alternatively, you can opt-out of the Lunch Scheme by contacting the office and then provide your own healthy lunch. 


If you find head lice or eggs – you need to treat them. Repeat the treatment: 7–10 days later for chemical treatments and every day for wet combing if you can manage it, but at least every 2 to 3 days.

For more information, talk to your pharmacist, doctor or nurse.

If you have any second-hand uniform you would like to donate we would greatly appreciate it.

Please drop off at the office. Thank you.

Term Dates 2022

Term One Mon 2nd Feb to Thur 14th April

Term Two Mon 2nd May to Fri 8th July

Term Three Mon 25th July to Fri 30th Sep

Term Four Mon 17th Oct to Fri 16th Dec (TBC)

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