Board of Trustees

2016 spans ahead of us as a huge opportunity to ''MAKE CONNECTIONS/NGA TUHONONGA".  When we look back on what we achieved in 2015 its great to see that many of the planned projects happened. Last year we added tree decks, a swing, a huge covered sandpit, an outdoor teaching space (juniors) and our super fabulous one of a kind senior fort. We also repainted the whole school in modern but functional colours which compliment our 'future focused' vision.  The playground continues to be a focus for 2016 with a 260 metre concrete cycle track underway and plans for the junior 'forest' to be overhauled along with other ideas which have been gathered by speaking directly to those who use our space - the students!  The senior hub (block 1) will undergo major renovations this year now that the administration block and junior blocks have had their alterations completed. 

Below: We are super excited about the fabulous new fort that has finally gone up to replace the one that many of our parents used to play on when they came to Bulls School! 



We  have achieved our goal of 1.5 ipads/chromebooks has been more than achieved - we are closer to 1-1 but ultimately we remain true to our belief that children need to have access to the right tool for the job - rather than believing they cannot complete a task without a technology aide. 


We continue to seek student voice about 'what our students want their school to look and feel like' and they do an excellent job of guiding us.



As a group we are very proud of our acheivements and our ongoing commitment to the vision of the school. We are brave in our approach and we feel our school is true to the 21st Century beliefs about what learners need to succeed from a school.  Our learning environments and personalised learning programmes are student focused with an aim to have students more engaged in their learning journeys.

♦Our BoT are a future focused group of people who have been elected to govern our school. 

♦They have their finger on the pulse about all aspects of the school that impact on quality teaching and learning. 

♦From assessment, learning needs and targets to finances, buildings and staffing - they know whats going on.

♦The Board are kept well informed and are 100% involved in creating and supporting the strategic plans of the school. 

♦Getting their hands dirty isn't out of the question either - as they regularly make themselves available for tidying up fences, planting trees and pulling down non-compliant playgrounds! (Along with the support of other dedicated hard working parents).

♦We are very fortunate to have such a focused group governing our school.


Bulls School Board of Trustees:

Chairperson: Katy Aldcroft

BoT Members:

Gaylene Simpson

Annabel Whisker

Jeremy Day


                                                                                   Principal: Kim Gordon

                                                                                 Staff Rep: Megan Syme


                    Minutes Secretary: Di Tweeddale