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Our Vision

To create collaborative, connected and active lifelong learners
in a modern, innovative community school environment.

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Cleaner/Caretaker Job Description

Full Time

Hours Monday - Friday 7.30am-4.30pm

We are looking for a self-motivated and enthusiastic caretaker/cleaner. This position requires you to undertake a variety of jobs in order to maintain the upkeep of our school.


Please send a letter of application including at least 2 referees to the school by Friday the 12th January 2018.


For conditions of employment go to:

School Caretakers and Cleaners - Collective Agreement



Welcome to Bulls School Website

IMG_4169.JPGAbove is our vision and underneath those sit our 6 goals.  Everything we do connects back to those goals which also sit nicely under our 5 PRIDE values and our commitment to the Treaty of Waitangi. Our PRIDE values align with our restorative practice beliefs, our reporting and self-review process and the way we connect with our whanau and wider community.


We are currently on a school wide learning journey as we strive to provide learning environments that engage and motivate our learners.  This relates to our commitment to the school vision - to create collaborative, connected and active lifelong learners in a modern, innovative community school environment. 

DSCF8173.JPGAcross our innovative learning hubs we are developing and refining flexible learning environments. We rely on authentic school wide collaboration and a model of high trust.  Our teachers are able to learn from each other every day, critique practice and grow as learners themselves.  Our students have a strong voice in the development of our flexible learning environments. We regularly take pause and ask ourselves 'what do the students think' afterall they are the ones we want to be engaged in their learning. 

IMG_0233.JPGWhat would you really like to know about us?  Under 'about us' you will be able to 'get to know' the staff a little bit.  The blog pages give you an excellent insight into what is going on in and around our school.  And if you still have questions or simply want to comment, write to us on the contacts page.


DSCF1779.jpgTake a look around our website, visit our  2016 ERO review and read           through our 2017 Charter and Strategic Plan. Our Annual Plans are also available for your perusal.  Further insight into Bulls School can be gained through following our facebook page.  We welcome you with PRIDE.




images-3.jpgWhy Bulls School?

  • PRIDE values that resonate throughout our school, in our strategic plan, in our behaviour management and in our classroom cultures
  • Excellent, vibrant and successful teaching staff who collaborate and see themselves as learners on a journey


  • Supportive and approachable support staff
  • Strong and focused leadership from Board of Trustees and Leadership team
  • Student voice resonates throughout the school
  • Modern approaches to learning to meet the needs of todays learner eg: flexible learning environments, personalised learning, google docs and variety of technology options for all students
  • A 'tool for the job' approach to technological device usage (as apposed to a 1-1 belief)
  • Technology rich classroom environments with either chrome books or ipads.  Laptops, interactive boards and digital cameras all additional tools for learning
  • Large, bright open spaced and well resourced classrooms
  • Community connections and collaborative partnerships with home and schoolDSCF1997.JPG
  • Strong Kapahaka and Tikanga Maori programme
  • YMCA Sports Starts programme
  • Mahi Tahi time - school wide opportunities for all students to explore curriculum areas such as languages, science, social science, PE & health and technology.
  • Overnight camps for middle school students
  • 3 Day camps for senior school students
  • EOTC opportunities for all ages
  • Growing great leaders programme
  • Restorative Practice behaviour management programme
  • Transition class and discovery time in the Junior SchoolDSCF8154.JPG
  • Excellent grounds with ongoing plans to develop & maintain them to a high standard
  • Bi-annual major production and strong focus on 'the arts'
  • Additional staff funding to allow for Learning Support Teachers and Classroom Assistants working across the school
  • Support and Enrichment programmes




Our 6 Goals:

Goal #1: Maintain strong community partnerships that reflect the schools unique and rural setting.

Goal #2: Create a safe and sustainable learning environment where everyone and everything is respected and appreciated.   

Goal #3: Deliver the national curriculum with a strong emphasis on the teaching of literacy and numeracy skills.

Goal #4: Foster a ‘learning for tomorrow’ approach in a modern learning environment.

Goal #5: Creating self-managing students who want to excel physically, culturally and academically.

Goal #6: Recognise and honour the Treaty of Waitangi and appreciate NZ’s diversity in cultural heritage. 


These goals are unpacked in the annual plans on our 'about us' page.